All CBA Officials, Coaches and Team Managers are expected to arrive and leave each game in black dress pants, black dress shoes or black leather runners and the relevant competition CBA polo/top. Association issued windcheaters and jackets are also approved to be worn to and from games.

In extreme heat during summer months (35+ degrees), black dress shorts and appropriate footwear are allowed (preferably no open toe footwear; rubber thongs and sports shorts are not allowed).

Coaches are not permitted to wear work boots and caps/hats during training sessions or games.

During tournament attendance, smart casual attire is acceptable (preferably no open toe footwear; rubber thongs are not allowed).

Officials/Coaches and Team Managers are requested to look professional at all times when representing CBA.


All registered players are required to represent CBA by wearing official Association approved garments during the season, consisting of Eagles basketball uniform singlet, shorts and training top.

A reversible singlet must be worn at all training sessions. It is preferred, but not essential, that this be a CBA issued reversible singlet.

Other items available to purchase for game day, but not compulsory at this time, are approved Eagles socks, sports bag and hand towel.   Association issued windcheaters and jackets are also approved to be worn to and from games.

The VJBL sponsors for the competitions shall be recognised by the Association. This may include the wearing of a logo on each uniform. To view MUVJBL uniform policy click here.


The uniform of the team members shall consist of basketball singlet and shorts of the same dominant colour front and back. Each team member shall wear a singlet numbered on the front and back with plain numbers of a solid colour contrasting with the colour of the singlet. Players on the same team shall not wear the same number or share a singlet.

For further information and policy detail please refer to our Bylaws.


All uniform requirements are as per Big V Rules of Operation.


All uniform requirements are as per VBRA requirements.


Teams wishing to use the Craigieburn Eagles logo will require CBA Management Committee permission in writing prior to use.

Any sponsorship that is obtained that requires endorsement to be displayed on any part of a an approved Craigieburn Eagles item of clothing or equipment must not be agreed upon until such time as written approval has been obtained from the CBA Management Committee. Sponsorship logos themselves must also be approved in writing by the Committee.

Merchandise for tournaments, clinics and the like which incorporates the CBA logo or name must also have prior written approval from the Management Committee or its delegated Sub-Committee after viewing of the requested template/sample.