Welcome to the Craigieburn Eagles Coaches Corner

Here we have a dedicated section towards assisting domestic and representative coaches with some sample drills and ideas they could introduce into their training sessions. If you are new to coaching, then you may find our Domestic Coach Education Series and Coaching Toolkit a valuable resource too.

Each training session we would encourage you to try and cover the following 5 skill areas:

  • Dribbling
  • Defending
  • Footwork
  • Passing
  • Shooting

Teaching these 5 foundation skills as well as teaching players to make good decisions under pressure, assist in developing great overall basketballers.

As time on court can be minimal, it is wise to try and combine more than one skill area into a drill. We have broken the drills down into the different skill areas. Most the drills contain more than one skill, and this is outlined on the top of the page on each drill. On each page you will find some teaching points you can refer to and focus on with your players whilst they are completing the drill.

This drills and activities will be regularly updated so make sure you visit the site on a frequent basis to stay up to date with new drills. If you would like to submit a drill or would like an example of a specific type of drill then please email our Coaching Director doc@craigieburneagles.com.au


                Sample Dribbling Course 

                Triangle Attack the Basket


                1 on 1 Around the Cone

                Pete’s 1 on 1


                Dribble, Pivot and Pass

                Baseline Turnouts


                Boston Layups

                Bull in the Ring

                Olympic Layups


              3,2,1 Shooting

              Cougar Shooting