Toddler Hoops is a basketball program designed to give walking aged kids an opportunity to be introduced to basketball and the basic skills involved. Players involved in the program will be focusing on developing the skills of passing, dribbling, shooting and teamwork through various drills and modified games. Sessions will be conducted by VJBL coaches. Ideal ages for this program are 3 to 5 year olds.

This term will consist of 8 x 45 minute sessions and modified basketballs and all equipment is provided for participants. All sessions are performed at the Craigieburn Sports Stadium.

Saturday’s 9:00 – 9:45am
Start date: 1st February
Finish date: 21st March

This program is no longer available to pay per session and is now only offered for the full term.
First participant- $80
Additional sibling(s)- $50

There is a $65 Early bird special on offer if full payment is received on the first session of the year.

For more information contact:
Or 0405 803 767

To register please fill out the following link (please note each sibling will need to have a form submitted)